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  • Spending thousands on a consolidation loan, only knocking a few points off the interest (and still leaving all of the principal balance)
  • Filing for bankruptcy, destroying your credit for 10 years and still having to make payments

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Hi, I’m Jorge Newbery, author of Debt Cleanse, the revolutionary way you can keep your money in your pocket, while drastically reducing or even eliminating thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in debt.

I know, because I used the strategies in this book to walk away from $26 million in debt. Odds are you’re not even close to that amount.

It doesn’t matter, Debt Cleanse can still work miracles for you.

It doesn’t matter what type of debt you have: credit cards, home loans, auto loans, business loans, even student loans, again... it doesn’t matter… With Debt Cleanse you can reduce or even eliminate them all.

Just so you know, getting out of debt was a struggle for me, too. I used to own over 4,000 apartments across the USA. It was a strategic investment, I was making cash flow and was more than able to keep up with the debts. I felt like I was on top of the world and that nothing could go wrong...until it did.

On Christmas Eve 2004, an ice storm struck my largest holding, the 1,100-unit Woodland Meadows Apartments in Columbus Ohio. This triggered an extraordinary series of events which led to my financial collapse. I was maligned, publicly shamed, and financially gutted. I fought tooth and nail to find a way to keep up with my obligations. I followed all the "expert" advice from counselors and lawyers. But after a while of desperately trying everything the “experts” told me, I realized that nothing they said was going to work.

I lost almost everything and ended up $26 million in debt. Creditors swarmed. Pretty soon, all of my apartment buildings were gone. My assets evaporated, and I found myself buried underneath a mountain of debt. The stress was crushing.

That’s when I knew that things weren’t going to get better unless I took radically different action, just like you are about to do today.

My breakthrough came practically by accident. One of my creditors made a sloppy legal mistake, and I battled the creditor all the way to the Missouri Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the entire debt - nearly $6 million – was “inadvertently extinguished”. It didn’t have to be paid. It was completely eliminated.

I applied what I learned to my other debts. The results were astonishing. One after another, my debts were either settled or gone forever.

Using the strategies that I discovered and share in my book, I was able to crawl out from underneath that mountain of debt and walk away from owing millions of dollars. More importantly, I’m going to show you how you can do the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you are a few thousand dollars in debt or tens of millions of dollars in debt (like I was), the Debt Cleanse system is proven to work, time and again.


First of all - It's Not Your Fault!

If you're reading this, odds are, you’re in debt. It’s perfectly okay. It’s also important that you know you’re not alone. America is drunk on debt. Our country should be the greatest, strongest, healthiest nation in the world. But right now more Americans than ever are staggering under the weight of debts they can’t afford.

  • 43 million Americans can’t pay their medical bills.
  • 22 million Americans can’t pay their student loans.
  • 16 million Americans owe more than their vehicles are worth.
  • 10 million American families owe more than their homes are worth.
  • 4 million Americans have their wages garnished to pay delinquent debts.

The fact that you are in debt isn’t even the worst part. In most cases, creditors have used predatory lending practices, slick marketing campaigns, high-pressure sales tactics, and the appearance of easy money to “help” you leverage all of your tomorrows for enjoyment right now.

They put in the bait, and we fell for it, we walked right into the trap. The sad part is, when that trap is triggered, and that steel door slams shut, many of us are too busy to even notice. It’s only when we try to get out, that we finally realize we’re locked in.

family debt

Many people say that there’s only one rule when it comes to debt, and that’s to “pay it off.” And, as a general principle, I agree with that. However, the deck is stacked against you.

Even if you work every day of your life, if all you can do is make minimum payments, in most cases you’ll never get out of debt. It’s a deal with the devil. You’ll end up paying $20 or $30 in interest and fees for every dollar you borrow today. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s entirely unacceptable.

It is unfair, unjust, and bordering on illegal, that creditors are allowed to enslave you like that. These people are robbing you blind. Your mortgage broker told you could you could afford your home, the car salesman told you that payments would be easy, your college student loan advisor told you that you would make enough after graduation to afford your loan...

And every one of these people was paid to tell you that. In fact, they probably even got bonuses for doing it. They made money selling you the “dream.” And now you are stuck in a nightmare, trying to pay for all of it. The debt collectors are hounding you, insisting that you make some sort of payment today.

So in circumstances like these, I don’t agree with the “one rule” that says you have to pay off your debt, particularly when the lenders are forcing you to play a game you just can’t win (at least when you play it their way).

There's Another Way...

In the Debt Cleanse book, I show you how to immediately stop harassing phone calls, how to bury your creditors in paperwork, and have them chasing their tails. Simply put, I show you how to use the laws already on the books to YOUR advantage.

There are hundreds of pages of laws, statutes, and regulations designed specifically to protect consumers just like you and me from predatory lending and overly aggressive debt collection practices. And when companies ignore or violate these laws, you and I win.

But in order for you to use the strategies, you have to know the laws and have access to the associated paperwork you will need to file. In fact, with each new piece of paper you send, you become a bigger and bigger nightmare for the lenders, so much so that eventually the lenders will either settle your debts for pennies on the dollar or walk away entirely.

With the Debt Cleanse book, you will have my blueprint, the very same blueprint I used to walk away from $26 million in debt, so you can finally break out of the steel cage you are trapped in.

My real motivation for doing this is that if enough people follow the Debt Cleanse model, we will force the lenders and debt collectors to change the way they do business. We want them to focus on the people rather than the profit.

We want to change the way they lend and collect so they don’t take advantage of people... they don’t make people like you and me sacrifice their life, liberty, and happiness to support their insatiable desire for our money.

Together, we can make a difference. I’ve pledged to give away as many books as I can, to change as many lives as I can, and restore as much dignity and hope as I can until either I run out of books, or they actually find a way to stop me.


Here's Just a Few of the Things You'll Learn When You Get Your FREE copy of Debt Cleanse

  • Assert your rights and defend yourself against creditors.
  • Stop making payments — and turn that to your advantage.
  • Uncover deficiencies that can put money in your pocket.
  • Safely protect your assets from creditors (100% legally).
  • Hang up on collectors and stop the harassing phone calls.
  • Dispute your debts to stack the odds in your favor.
  • Start a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for your legal fees.
  • Stockpile cash to build your bargaining power.
  • Negotiate on your terms to get the best possible settlement.

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  • Use it to communicate with lenders and collectors.
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Bonus 2: Three Debt Cleanse Training Webinars

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It's that simple....

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You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Join us today. Get the knowledge, tools, and support you need that may get rid of your debt forever – and get your life back.

Best wishes in your Debt Cleanse.

Jorge P. Newbery,

Author and Founder