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Like you, I’ve struggled with my debts. In fact, I owed more than $26 million. But not anymore.

Jorge P. Newbery, Founder of

Jorge P. Newbery, Founder of

I’m Jorge Newbery, founder of, and I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since I was a paperboy. All my life, I’ve worked hard and invested my savings.

My passion was fixing up troubled real estate, which I would transform into assets for communities. At one point, I owned more than 4,000 apartments across the United States.

Then a freak ice storm ruined everything.

It destroyed my 1,100-unit apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio and plunged me into the financial battle of my life.

I lost everything.

I went from owning a real estate empire to being penniless. Worse, I was $26 million in debt.

So many creditors harassed me and threatened me that the stress almost ruined my health.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat right. I even ground my teeth so hard I wore away the enamel.

Everything seemed hopeless. I simply couldn’t pay the debts. I didn’t know what to do.

Then I realized one of my creditors had made a sloppy legal error.

It was my only chance to fight back.

I battled them all the way to the Missouri Court of Appeals. The judges unanimously ruled that the entire debt of nearly $6 million “was inadvertently extinguished” by the creditor’s mistake.

The debt was gone. It seemed impossible, but I had won!

I took what I learned in that case and applied it to all my debts — and it worked, over and over again.

The results were amazing.

With that, I found a new life’s purpose: to help others get out of debt and rebuild their lives.

It’s time to choose your life over your debt.

Do you want to let your debts crush you? Drag you down? Ruin your life?

If you’re in over your head, suffering under debt, I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

You can’t correct your past, but you can change your future. It’s time to take care of yourself, your family, and your life.

DebtCleanse is the smart way to settle your debts – without filing for bankruptcy.

This method really worked for me.

I’ve erased millions of dollars in debts using the same strategies you’ll find in Debt Cleanse.

When you join us, you’ll learn what your rights are (some of the facts may surprise you). With this, you may gain leverage over your creditors and be able to fight back and win.

Imagine being in a position to negotiate settlements with your creditors at steep discounts. Or making them go away completely.

The best part? Debt Cleanse can help you keep extra money in your pocket almost immediately.

You’ll be utilizing powerful step-by-step strategies which have reduced or eliminated millions and millions in debt.

It’s simple to get started. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Join us today. Get the knowledge, tools and support you need that may get rid of your debt forever – and get your life back.

Best wishes in your Debt Cleanse.

Jorge P. Newbery

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