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Upload all of your unaffordable bills to

We’ll show you how to track everything online to give you the best possible chance to settle your debts, or eliminate them completely.

If you are unable to pay your debts, the longer your creditors have to wait for your money, the more desperate they’ll get.

Eventually, they may settle for pennies on the dollar. Or even give up completely.

Stockpile Cash

Set aside as much money as you can so that you can settle your debts with lump sum payments.

We’ll show you how to safely (and legally) keep your assets protected from your creditors.

When your creditors are eventually willing to negotiate, you’ll be ready. You’ll have cash on hand to settle your debts.

Ignore Your Creditors

Your creditors will start calling you relentlessly if you are not paying them.

As annoying as that is, it’s a good sign. It means that you have their attention.

Now, ignoring their calls puts you in a stronger position to negotiate later. They might file a lawsuit against you, but striking a deal may make better business sense for the creditor than paying legal fees.

Find Deficiencies to Build Your Case

Deficiencies are the errors, omissions and outright blunders creditors often make in their records.

We’ve identified 134 common deficiencies you may be able to your advantage. You can use them to help settle a debt, or fight in court.

Deficiencies may make the difference between paying it all back – or watching it all go away.

Dispute Your Debts

Did you know that, according to a Federal Trade Commission study, debt buyers lack complete documents on nearly half of all disputed debts?

If they can’t prove you owe the debt, it’s much harder for them to collect. That’s why disputing your debts can help stack the odds in your favor. gives you simple word-for-word letters you can use to assert your rights and defend yourself against creditors.

Negotiate on Your Terms

Follow the step-by-step instructions to make a settlement that’s in your best interest.

Even if a creditor refuses to negotiate and hits you with a lawsuit, you’ll be ready.

Following the Debt Cleanse steps prepares you with knowledge of your rights, tools, and a solid paperwork trail. You’ll be ready to fight — and win.

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