Imagine Your Life Without Debt

What We Believe

We believe America can get rid of debt.

Debt affects every one of us. It forces bankruptcies, triggers foreclosures and drags down our economy.

Our country could be the greatest nation in the world. But right now more Americans than ever are staggering under the weight of debts they can’t afford.

  • 43 million Americans can’t pay their medical bills.
  • 22 million Americans can’t pay their student loans.
  • 16 million Americans owe more than their vehicles are worth.
  • 10 million American families owe more than their homes are worth.
  • 4 million Americans have their wages garnished to pay delinquent debts.

Our Mission: Helping You Become Debt-Free

Debt Cleanse is on a mission to empower every American to become debt-free.

The solution is our unique technology platform. empowers debtors with the knowledge, resources and support to resolve debts.

We provide useful tools to help you negotiate discounted settlements with willing creditors. Or defend yourself against creditors who refuse to negotiate.

Now, It’s Your Turn to Win

We believe it’s possible for everyone to lead fulfilling, debt-free lives.

That’s why we offer resources to help you:

  • Stop collectors from harassing you, your family and friends.
  • Fight foreclosure — and win.
  • Protect your car against repossession.
  • Shield your assets by getting them out of your name – and out of the reach of creditors.
  • Defend yourself using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Fight illegal debt collection attempts that violate state and federal laws.
  • Turn the tables on your creditors. Use their bad behavior to gain leverage to settle your debts or get them forgiven.

Debt Cleanse Changes the Rules

Many creditors still operate from an obsolete playbook. They’re used to high-pressure collection tactics. They count on debtors not being aware of their rights.

Debt Cleanse changes all that. We show debtors how to turn creditors’ weaknesses to their advantage to settle debts at big discounts – or walk away from them entirely.

Some creditors may be unwilling to agree to reasonable settlements. That’s why we provide you tools to help you dispute those debts and create obstacles to their collection efforts.

Ideally, uncooperative creditors will eventually choose to settle, or sell their nonperforming debts to debt buyers who will agree to fair resolutions.

You Can Make a Difference

You aren’t alone on your journey to debt freedom.

Join together with other members of to lift the burden of unaffordable debt off the shoulders of the majority of Americans.

Together, We Can Build a Debt-Free Future

You can’t correct the past, but you can change your future. gives you the tools and confidence to assist you in eliminating payments and turn bad credit to your advantage.

We’ll show you how to get debt out of your life and pay cash for everything – even buy a house.

We believe that anyone with the will to win can create a debt-free future.

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